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Georgia, USA
525 votes

I'm Victory Waters. I am an on-air personality in the United States and have made my mark from internet radio and blogging. I was born in NYC but raised in Nova Scotia, Canada. My parents are Caribbean so I am often found to be well-rounded and generally have a unique perspective on life. Currently I live in Atlanta, Georgia and am the proud mommy of a 3yr old Yorkie named Sir Broadway. We both love traveling to other cities and explore the world beyond our own. If we all could just take a trip abroad each year, I truly believe it would fix some of the human ails of our spirit. Sit back, relax and enjoy and let me become your next Paradise Hunter.

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Honeymoon Suite
Ambergris Caye, Belize District, Belize

Starting at $215/Day: Our two honeymoon suites come with a King-Sized bed, Jacuzzi, a small fridge, coffee maker A/C and the best beachfront... [more]

Luxury Furnished Condo At Oceanfront Virginia...
Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA

Starting at $185/Day: Plaza 2700 has 6 condos for short term rentals. All condos are comletely renovated with hardwood floors, Italian ceramic tiles... [more]

K-6 Lodge
Blue Ridge, Georgia, USA

Starting at $150/Day: K-6 Lodge is a beautiful vacation cabin rental located on Fightingtown Trout Creek. K-6 Lodge features 3 bedroom with... [more]
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Jabari Inspires
New York, USA
2367 votes
Added on 11/5/2010

Alberta, Canada
398 votes
Added on 11/5/2010

Andrew Sparke
Alberta, Canada
335 votes
Added on 11/5/2010

British Columbia, Canada
85 votes
Added on 11/5/2010

Saskatchewan, Canada
142 votes
Added on 11/5/2010

California, USA
141 votes
Added on 11/5/2010

Yukon, Canada
126 votes
Added on 11/5/2010

California, USA
61 votes
Added on 11/5/2010

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