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Jabari Inspires
New York, USA
11411 votes

Hi! My name is Jabari Smith.

Since graduating in 2007 from Howard University, I've had the privilege to travel to 11 countries throughout Asia, The South Pacific (Australia & New Zealand), The Caribbean, and Central America!

The experience has been life changing.

Growing up in New Orleans, Louisiana I've always had a great appreciation for the uniquely rich culture that my hometown provided. However, I've also always had an innate desire in my heart to see and explore the greater world.

Living and teaching in Japan served as the first of several defining experiences. Learning Japanese, and immersing myself in the culture opened my eyes to not only an appreciation for Japanese culture but for the greater global community.

I have made it my life's mission to share these experiences with others, inspiring people like me to step beyond their comfort zone and discover the world around them.

Paradise Hunter would be an excellent opportunity for me to expand and share my travels with others.

My varied experiences working, living, and traveling abroad have given me a great deal of insight into the variety of customs, terrains, and ethnicities that make our world dynamic.

From climbing to the peak of Mount Fuji in Japan and helmet-diving across the floor of Australia's Great Barrier reef, to ziplining across the rain forest of St. Lucia and zorbing down the hills of New Zealand's North Island, I have immersed myself in discovering and learning about the world's treasures.

I stand firmly by the belief that, "Traveling is one of the finest educations you can give yourself."

Please VOTE for me as your Paradise Hunter, so that I can serve as an inspiration to those who like me, have in their heart a desire to explore the world.

Your Friend, Your Companion and Fellow Global Citizen,

Jabari Smith

I promise we'll be able to share in an electrifying and unforgettable journey of a lifetime!!!

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Massachusetts, USA
1285 votes
Added on 11/2/2010

New Brunswick, Canada
1876 votes
Added on 9/28/2010

Bond Girl Wales
Cardiff, Wales
502 votes
Added on 11/5/2010

Carolyn Z
Florida, USA
25501 votes
Added on 11/5/2010

British Columbia, Canada
2786 votes
Added on 10/4/2010

Jabari Inspires
New York, USA
11411 votes
Added on 11/5/2010

Alberta, Canada
500 votes
Added on 10/7/2010

Joshua Garcia
New York, USA
2070 votes
Added on 10/6/2010

Li Jing
New York, USA
528 votes
Added on 10/4/2010

Ryan Van Duzer
Colorado, USA
1384 votes
Added on 10/14/2010


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